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Franchise Business and Litigation Law Firm

Representing your business to its fullest potential

Valas & Associates, P.C. represents businesses and franchise owners in litigation or arbitration in forums throughout the country and helps people looking to enter into franchise or business transactions.

Focused experience in franchise law and a love of the challenge make Valas & Associates, P.C. your top choice for legal representation.  Attorney Rory Valas applies his many years of experience and personal interest in helping your business. 

Get your franchise moving in the right direction—forward

Hiring a franchise lawyer like Rory Valas is critical for your business because he provides valuable legal counsel:

  • On growing your business wherever opportunity may be present
  • On multi-unit ownership and co-branding
  • For transactional, litigation, and dispute resolution services

If you are purchasing a franchise

Owning a franchise can provide you with a new world of opportunity.  It is also a major investment and you should have qualified legal counsel to help:

  • Protect your investment
  • Establish and maintain a solid foundation
  • Negotiate the best deal possible

Valas & Associates, P.C. can help you with experienced advice, skilled negotiation, and the legal documents associated with your potential purchase of the business.  These documents include the franchise disclosure document, franchise agreements, purchase agreements, licensing arrangements, and corporate and real estate legal documents.

If you already own a franchise

The attorneys can also provide you with legal advice that can help you grow your business and effectively negotiate deals.

If you are involved in a dispute

You should get experienced legal assistance right away. Your rights can pass, your negotiating position can diminish, and your potential liabilities can grow if you fail to act promptly. Contact Valas & Associates, P.C. at 617-399-2200 or contact the firm by e-mail at without delay.

Contact an experienced franchise law attorney

Purchasing a franchise can be profitable, fun, and rewarding.  Going through the complicated paperwork and legalities of being a franchisee is not.  Boston, Massachusetts franchise law firm Valas & Associates, P.C. can help you make the most of your franchise business deal, and thoroughly represent you and your business in court, if the situation arises.  For quality franchise law and litigation counsel, call Valas & Associates, P.C. at 617-399-2200 or contact the firm by e-mail at  for a free initial assessment of your situation.