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Valas & Associates, P.C. helps franchisees with any legal issues that arise in their clients' businesses.  With 18 years of focused experience, attorney Rory Valas and his associates aid business and franchise owners and potential business and franchise owners in many legal capacities:

Buying a franchise

The Federal Trade Commission requires that all franchisors provide potential purchasers with a disclosure document about their background and finances, the business model and the anticipated relationship.  Your lawyer at Valas & Associates, P.C. walks you through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the franchise agreement before you purchase. It is the franchise agreement, not the FDD, that governs the terms of your contractual relationship with the franchisor.  For more general information about buying a franchise, see the Federal Trade Commission's Buying a Franchise: A Consumer Guide.

If you are thinking of buying a franchise, contact experienced franchise law attorney Rory Valas. Mr. Valas can help you get a fair deal when buying a franchise or advise you if you should cut your losses with your current franchise investment and get out.  And, for any legal issue in between, Valas & Associates fully represents your best interests first and your business second.

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The franchise agreement

Almost every franchise agreement carries a provision—that it represents the entire agreement between the parties and that it supersedes all other promises, representations, or descriptions, often including any set forth in the FDD.  Reviewing the agreement is critical to the life of your business.  To the greatest extent possible, you want to make sure that the franchise agreement and its addenda allows for a reasonable return on your investment, the protection of your assets, and the inclusion of any promises being made. 

How Valas & Associates, P.C. can help

Most franchise agreements are long, complicated, and difficult to understand. Valas & Associates, P.C. reviews the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and franchise agreement and provides you with their analysis.  Valas & Associates, P.C. may also propose changes or addenda to the franchise agreement that can better protect your investment and likely save you money and frustration in the long run.

Rory Valas and his firm have made it their business to see that you, the franchisee, have a better understanding of the agreements before signing and that you obtain the best deal that you can.

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Renewing your franchise license

At the end of your franchise contract, you must apply to renew your franchise license.  No matter how good your business is doing, your franchise renewal is not automatic.  Upon renewal, the original terms and conditions of your contract are subject to change.  Your franchisor may raise your fees, change store design, increase sales quota, or make a number of other alterations.  Your franchise attorney must be able to keep pace with these changes and make sure that you are aware of them. 

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The negotiation process and negotiating new deals

Some franchisors assert that their franchise agreements are non-negotiable due to demand, strong branding, and the franchisor's own legal restrictions.  Even so, there are often areas that remain subject to negotiation. Valas & Associates, P.C. can help you understand and negotiate the appropriate provisions of the franchise agreement, leases, and other legal documents, which can offer leeway with respect to your business, territorial protections, commercial space, and rent.

Lawyer Rory Valas is skilled in business litigation and franchise law.  This experience allows him to effectively navigate complex contracts and conduct stern negotiations to get your business on the right track. 

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Transactional work for existing franchises

If you already own your franchise, you may need help in the transactions of operating your business.  Valas & Associates, P.C. offers legal counsel and advice on all kinds of franchise transactions:

  • Any litigation, mediation, and arbitration actions
  • Negotiating renewal agreements
  • Facilitating communication with the franchisor
  • Corporate maintenance
  • Annual updates
  • Selling your franchise

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Skilled legal counsel for your franchise transactions

Many franchisees have a positive and profitable relationship with their franchisor.  Boston, Massachusetts franchise law firm Valas & Associates, P.C. can help you make the most of your franchise business deal, and thoroughly represent you and your business in court, if the situation arises.  For quality franchise law and litigation counsel, call Valas & Associates, P.C. at 617-399-2200 for a free initial assessment of your situation.