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Litigation for Businesses and Franchises

Boston-based firm that represents business owners and franchisees in court or arbitration

Franchisor legal counsel or your general practice attorney may tell you there is no wiggle room within your franchise contract.  This is not necessarily accurate and a defeatist attitude never helps in negotiations or dispute resolution.  If you feel you are being mistreated, neglected, or bullied by your franchisor, or you are having trouble communicating with your franchisor when you need to, contact Valas & Associates, P.C.  The legal team at Valas & Associates, P.C. draws on focused experience in franchise law and litigation to talk to you about your legal problem.  If you have a case, the attorneys let you know, and are not afraid to go to arbitration or court if litigation is the best possible or only option. 

How Valas & Associates, P.C. can help

Whether you are acting on your own behalf or seek to pursue remedies on a group basis, Rory Valas and his firm have the experience and knowledge to help you assemble your case and to engage in the vigorous prosecution or defense necessary. They have experience with many different franchise systems. They also have experience in a wide variety of litigation fields:

  • Termination cases
  • Trademark issues
  • Fighting termination
  • Misuse of claims
  • Unfair competition
  • Advertising fund misuse
  • Securities law
  • Fraud claims
  • RICO
  • Unfair and deceptive conduct
  • Performance standards compliance
  • Health, sanitation, and environmental standards
  • Construction litigation
  • Real estate issues
  • Loss prevention and allegations of sales underreporting
  • Non-competition covenants
  • Sales territory and encroachment disputes
  • Refusals to renew
  • Wrongful termination of contract

Vigorous prosecution of all credible claims and defenses

If you have a problem or dispute, you should immediately contact a qualified attorney to assess your situation and determine where you stand. Far too many franchisees lose the right to pursue remedies or to properly defend themselves because they wait.

Your attorney should carefully examine the facts, the law, the terms of your agreements, and prepare a preliminary analysis or strategic plan.  It helps to have attorneys with prior experience with your agreements or issues.

Even if you have no desire to pursue costly litigation or arbitration, it may be best for you and your attorney to conduct a thorough and accurate analysis and presentation of your position and claims. It is the firm's experience that the best settlements result from vigorous prosecution of your position and all credible claims or defenses.

Valas & Associates, P.C. helps you stand up for your business

Whether your agreement calls for mediation, arbitration or litigation for dispute resolution and regardless of the jurisdiction, Valas & Associates, P.C. can help you analyze your situation and can stand up for you to prosecute your case.

Involved in a franchise dispute?

Many franchisees have a positive and profitable relationship with their franchisor.  However, if you believe that you are being targeted or that you have been wronged, please call Valas & Associates, P.C. at 617-399-2200 for a free initial assessment of your situation.